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Serial to Wireless Converter

Additional Info

  • General Specifications:
  • Pin Connections:
    Pin1 Supply 5 to 12 V DC (Square Pin Red Color Wire)
    Pin2 Transmit Output from Module(RS 232)
    Pin3 Receive Input to Module (RS 232)
    Pin4 Ground (Black Wire)

  • Basic Module Applications:
    Active RFID
     Remote Control
     Light Controls
     Home Automation
     Alarm Security
     Keyless Entry
     Perimeter Monitoring
     PC Keyboard Security
     Wireless Keyboard
     Wireless Mouse
     TV Remote
     Home Stereo Remote
     Asset Tracking
     Wireless PTT
     Remote Switches
     Remote Terminals
     Wireless RS232 DB9
     Wireless RS485
     Temperature Control
     Meter Reading
     Data Acquisition
     Inventory Control
     Keyfob Remotes
     Industrial Controls
     Vending Machines
     Pan-Tilt-Zoom Control
     Camera Flash Control
  • Module Features:
    WiFi interference tolerant.
     Heavy 2.4 GHz noise and interference tolerant.
     No external parts required.
     No RF layout required.
     Ultra small 15mm x 15mm footprint (RFD21733/RFD21735)
     Fully contained, truly finished, ready to use module.
     Typical range: 500 feet (150 meters)
     Worldwide 2.4GHz ISM band operation.
     User configurable without need for any programming.
     2uA Ultra low power modes.
     Only 14mA current consumption at 0dbm TX and 17mA at RX.